About Me

Name: Sandy
Work as: Owner, Designer & SE Optimizer.
Website: www.englishpiano.uk
Hello, I am Sandy .
Western Classical Music is my passion. I really like playing the piano. I'm learning the Piano at the age of 6. My first Guru was my grandfather. He had taught me the basic do re me fa on Piano. Now I’m learning western piano, my Teacher is a famous Piano & Guitar Player
I come from a musical family, my father used to play the flute. My uncle is very good harmonium and flute Player. My cousins are very famous Singer. all my family is connected to music.
Our Motive: Free Education of Music for All.  we founded this Website in Year 2006 for those who heartily want to learn music but don't have enough time or money. We are helping them to learn Piano online in very easy way. In today's times, is hard to get good mentor. I want to share my knowledge to you all in a very Deep & simple manner. We are feeling very proud to know that our Website is now helping to build your dream to play Piano, Harmonium & Keyboard like a professional.
We Provides: first time on web, we providing compete Music System in western Notation; for piano . We also Provides you Piano Notations of Different languages like English Songs Piano Notes, Hindi Songs Piano Notes, French Songs Piano Notes German Songs Notes etc. everything is absolutely free.
I am continuously working to provide you quality service. If you have any questions related with website or have any suggestions please feel free to contact me on v4usandy@gmail.com
                                                 Keep learning with English Piano.

                                                                                               Thank you for visiting
                                                                                                          Sandy :)