Raag Jaunpuri


Learn Raga Jaunpuri in Western Notation.

Raag Description: This Raag is very similar to Raag Aasavari in its rendering and is very sweet to listen to. Whereas in Asavari both Gandhar and Nishad are Varjya in Aaroh, in Raag Jaunpuri only Gandhar is Varjya. R R m m P ; d m P g R S ; R ,n S this are the characteristic notes of Raag Jaunpuri. d m P g R S these notes are rendered in Meend and Gandhar and Dhaivat are oscillated, which increases the beauty of this Raga. This is a Uttarang Pradhan Raag and can be expanded in Madhya and Tar Saptaks. The atmosphere created by this Raag is deep and full of Bhakti and Shringar Ras.

Notations (स्वर)

Gandhar Varjya in Aaroh. Gandhar, Dhaivat and Nishad Komal. Rest all Shuddha Swaras.


षाढव - संपूर्ण (Shadhav- Sampoorna )

थाट (Scale)

आसावरी (C, D, D#, F, G, G#,A#,C')

आरोह (Ascending) :

सा, रे म, नि सा (C, D F, G G# A# C)

अवरोह (Descending ):

सा नि , प, म , रे सा (C A# G#, G, F D#, D C)

वादी (Sonant) -- धैवत (G#)

संवादी (Consonant)गंधार (D#)

पकड (Group of Notes)

म प नि प, , नि म प , रे म प

F G G# A# G# G, G#, A# F G D#, D F G

Moods: Deep and full of Bhakti and Shringar Ras.


Raga Jaunpuri Based Hindi Songs List:

  • Chitanandan Aage Nachungi - Do Kalyan
  • Dil Ched Koi Aisa Nagma – Inspector
  • Dil Mein Ho Tum Ankhon Me Tum - Satyamev Jayate
  • Ghunghatke Pat Khol – Jogan
  • Jab Dil Ko Sataye Gam - Sargam (Old)
  • Jaye To Jayen Kahan - Taxi Driver
  • Meri Yad Men Tum Na Ansu Bahana – Madhosh
  • Pal Pal Hai Bharee - Swadesh
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